Slow Flow Yoga with Bel - Babe Wellness Club - Babe Australia

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Slow Flow Yoga with Bel - Babe Wellness Club

About the class:

A down to earth Yoga Practice with Bel that moves and stretches your body in a slow-paced flow.

Not necessarily for beginners, but a good place to start. These classes are sequenced for you to take time so you can drop in to your body and your breath. Which is sometimes more challenging than strong poses. 

We will enjoy a mixture of flowing sequence and longer holds in restorative poses. A great way to practice to be grounded and present. Just you, your body and breath on the mat. 

Duration: 40 minutes

Equipment: Yoga Mat or Floor with a towel to cushion 

About Belinda Totino;

Belinda is all about mind and body wellness - that's why we love her! Belinda's aim is to allow you to feel into your body, mind and spirit. My classes allow you an insight on how to use the yogic tools off the mat so yoga can become a lifestyle. 

Find Belinda here;

IG: @bel_totino